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Navigating the Future

I help leaders and executives reimagine the systems in which we live, learn, and work.

Ja-Nae Duane Author
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The future begins with an anti-fragile mindset- Ja-Naé

AI Ja-Nae duane

My talks help leaders and executives shift their thinking and approach to problem-solving by exploring the potential of future systems and emerging tech.

As a behavioral scientist, award-winning innovator, and 4x entrepreneur, I have authored three books, including the bestseller, “The Startup Equation.”

Virtualdoctoris in AI

My research explores behaviors within Information Systems and the impact of emerging tech to find new ways to solve humanity's biggest problems.


Ja-Nae's Research

Featured Research

Environmental Considerations for Effective Telehealth Encounters: A Narrative Review and Implications for Best Practice

telehealth ai
Ja-nae in Copenhagen


A Movement Maker

Exploring better paths to solving the big, complex problems of today and tomorrow is at the core of who I am and what I do, but it’s not the whole story.


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