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Ja-Nae's Research

My research explores behaviors within Information Systems and the impact of emerging tech to find new ways to solve humanity's biggest problems.

Other Published Articles

CM Gray, SS Chivukula, T Carlock, Z Li, JN Duane

arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.02994

I Obi, CM Gray, SS Chivukula, JN Duane, J Johns, M Will, Z Li, T Carlock arXiv preprint arXiv:2207.10563

MD Stosic, JN Duane, BN Durieux, M Sando, E Robicheaux, M Podolski, ...

Telemedicine and e-Health

B Varys-Scudder-Davis, JN Duane, M Marabelli

Academy of Management Proceedings 2022 (1), 11563

JJ Sanders, E Caponigro, JD Ericson, M Dubey, JN Duane, SP Orr, W Pirl, ...

Patient Education and Counseling 104 (12), 2922-2935

JN Duane

Muses, Mystics, Madness: The Diagnosis and Celebration of Mental Illness, 65-77

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