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Creating Your Decentralized Autonomous Organization: Introducing The DAO Board

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Image generated by Revolution Factory using MidJourney

The concept of what an organization looks like is evolving. We are ending a 200-year arc that solidified a centralized way of doing business. We are now embarking on a new path. One that does not have CEOs, executive teams, or shareholders dictating how an organization should function but instead has its organization members and its ecosystem co-creating the business. Where customers no longer have one role, to buy from us, but can be incentivized to participate in the organization’s growth. Where we can not only work to earn but play to earn and learn to earn. An organization where we are no longer dictated by the clock but are a self-guided liquid workforce imagining the future. All of these things are possible with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

We have created a DAO board for you to think through the elements of decentralized autonomous organizations. For example, what is the DAOs mission? Will it be on chain for governance, or is it a social DAO of like-minded individuals creating a micro-economy? What are the levels of contribution, and what are the earning opportunities you can provide people? And how can you incorporate feedback loops so that the users of the DAO still have an easy to understand the evolution of the DAO while giving feedback?

Test out the DAO board. Provide us with some feedback. Please give me your use cases. It is a tool that we would like to be effective for as many people as possible. Let us know your experience and the DAO you have created with it.

Want help working through how this shift in business might change your company? Reach out to me and my team today to explore how we can support your organization on its DAO journey.

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